You cannot login to this application


When i try to delete any security group of any user after that i am not able to login to admin application with admin user. could you please suggest.
I get below error.
The Following Errors Occurred:

  1. You cannot login to this application


When i restarted server then it allowed me to login.


Hi Athorat and welcome to the community.

That is very weird indeed. Is it possible that you tried to login several times? Because if so, there is a lock that gets automatically applied to a user account after the third unsuccesful login. If so, he will not be able to log onto the system for 5min.

I believe that you may have tried to enter a wrong password and after that didn’t work, your server restart may have taken long enough for the password lock to be lifted. Could that be the case?

I have never heard of any problems with the login mechanism otherwise, nor have there been any recent changes that could result in an actual error.


thank you for reply. i logged in with admin user and tried to remove security group and after that admin user was not working.
But as i said it worked after restarting server. Thanks again.