Version 1.14.3 approaching release


I wanted to let you know, that we are in the final stages of Q&A on our release version 1.14.3. We are really quite excited about this. There have been huge improvements all over:

  • Overall UI improvements
  • A complete overhaul of the accounting application (getting it ready for international accounting standards)
  • Service to auto-update daily currency conversion rates
  • Updated USPS API integration
  • Partial Page Renderer for AJAX based page reloads
  • Templating toolkit support for Emails
  • New: Email Templates
  • Updated Templating Toolkit Macros
  • New: Invoice Templates
  • New: Enterprise themes
  • Mass screen and menu updates
  • Screen-Widget Enhancements
  • Security & Overall Bugfixes

A complete list of changes can be found here: