Use scipioERP to build a market place (multi vendors)



Is it possible to use SCIPIO to build a market place with multi vendors profile, adequate segregation between those vendor…

If it’s already a built in features, can someone give me a documenation link.
If no, what would be the best strategy to implement it ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Omar and welcome to the ScipioERP community!

Yea, it should be perfectly doable to do it with our system. We would need more info in order to provide you a more accurate answer. Depending on your requirements it can be more or less straightforward though. In any case, bare in mind that we’ve participated in marketplaces projects already, so basically the straight answer is yes

So, my first advice would be to use a combination of PartyGroup and Catalog, so you can bind them using the Vendor role. Check this and this so you can get an idea.

Alternatively you could go one level up, which is defining a ProductStore per each vendor using the same Vendor role approach (linking the store to the PartyGroup in this case). But before we enter in that level of complexity I’d prefer to hear you back in order to have a better understanding of your requirements.