To set my own domain instead of localhost


hi i used ur repositories in GitHub i like the code you guys built, actually i want to give my own domain name, and hosting how can i change the domain name from localhost to my own domain and how can i connect to my own data base


Hi pavankmr and welcome to the community.

You can take a look at our setup documentation here and here

Everything you need should be there but if you find any problem, we will provide support as much as possible.


i want to release it globally like amazon flipkart Snapdeal like that



Yes that is possible with the links provided. For the domains you need to setup your system as described here:

For the store itself, you should check out the shop configuration (if you install the system with demo data, it automatically provides you with an international store). I recommend to familiarize yourself with our “seed” data and/or the catalog interfaces, so that you get an idea on how to pull it off.

I highly recommend to follow our initial install instructions (and the setup component), so that you get a feel for it all. Let us know if you are struggling with a step in particular.


where can i change my payment methods and payment gateway n i saw some courier services i want to clear them where can i locate them in the code


how can i change it from demo Store to real store


To set up as a real store:

Go to Catalog > Stores > Select the store you want to setup

It’s just there, in the first section there’s a dropdown. See the screenshot below for further details.