Subscription Sales & Processing


My company needs to offer the sale of “subscriptions”. I.e. recurring charges to customers that can take place AUTOMATICALLY on a monthly / quarterly / annual basis and have those transactions automatically flow into the accounting system. This is a make or break point on the use of this software. This should be a product type in the storefront catalogue.

I know that I’ve seen subscription modules in vanilla OFBiz, but I did not explore them, so I can’t say much more than I was under the impression that was already part of the software.

Does Scipio support this feature? I could not find a “subscription product type”.

If this is built-in already, what are the options for such? For instance, does it make the charges itself, or does it collect info about such after a credit card vendor initiates the charge? Can the customer dictate functions like canceling the subscription?

PayPal provides subscription services, does it perhaps integrate with that? What other payment processors could be used for this purpose? I would want to offer both PayPal and a direct credit card entry option if possible.



subscription products are fully supported. We got a simplified version in the demo data:

In fact, we make good use of it ourselves in our own shop, where you can subscribe to a selection of the addons we offer to enterprise customers:

One of which is the paypal component, which we supports subscription models, which seems like what you are actually looking for. You can find it here:


Fantastic! I will take a look at that and try to figure out how I’d implement such myself. I think that PayPal add-on looks quite desirable for me. I’ll follow up one way or another in this thread in the near future. Thanks for the help!


Alright, that sounds good.

You can also check out this:

It may give you a better idea of the types of products you can generate (so far we haven’t come up with one we weren’t able to configure, btw).


Just to clarify, are your add-ons (e.g. the PayPal one) subscriptions? The store description did not indicate that. I was under the impression they were a one-time fee to purchase and install.


Some addons are one-time only (the paypal one for example), the other ones are subscription based. But even for those, we often offer a one-year subscription, which would give you ample time to download the components (you just don’t get any updates after that year).


Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense.