Screen rendering exception in ofbiz


java.lang.RuntimeException: Error rendering included form named [ListApprovals] at location [component://humanres/widget/forms/RecruitmentForms.xml]: java.lang.NullPointerExceptionjava.lang.NullPointerException at org.apache.ofbiz.widget.model.ModelScreenWidget$Form.renderWidgetString( ~[ofbiz.jar:?]

i am facing this issues in ofbiz.can anyone suggest me for solving this problem?


Phew, well the error comes from the ListApprovals form inside of component://humanres/widget/forms/RecruitmentForms.xml. That form requires a couple of parameters to be set, in particular partyId. My guess is that the error is thrown because either the partyId is not set (perhaps missing from the URL) or that the partyId you provided doesn’t exist or doesn’t have the required data (internally there is a lookup from the PartyNameView entity - you can try checking if the latter is true through the webtools).

Since this is ofbiz, though, it is hard for us to get into any more details. Have you tried migrating to Scipio ERP? Please let me know if the error occurs there, too.


Thank you for your my application i am using mssql database connection for ofbiz. i don’t know exactly where the problem araised…but i am facing this rendering exception in some of the modules in ofbiz.i am new to this ofbiz. can you explain me clearly why i am facing this issue.or i need to change any configuration in xml?


Hi Priya,

unfortunately there is a multitude of possibilities for the error(s) you see:

  1. You did not load the correct data and therefore lack the correct information in your system
  2. The screen may require a specific account to be selected before it can be used (this is the scenario I described)
  3. You ran into a bug.

I doubt it has to do with your own configuration, though. Most likely it is either the data or one of the OFBiz bugs. Unfortunately, I can only help you with particular questions about Scipio, as there are many OFBiz versions available, and our focus is none of the OFBiz versions :wink:

Truth to be told, part of the reasons we started our own project was because we felt that OFBiz had a lot of bugs when it cames to screens and applications and that development was really time consuming. We fixed all of that and made development alot easier, so I can really encourage you to switch to Scipio ( If you do, let me know if the same errors occur and I will gladly help you resolving those :slight_smile:


Hi Madppiper,
I want to integrate ofbiz with apache solr.for that i need to change custom url in ofbiz.i changed the domain name in file in ofbiz but it was not reflected in there any changes i need to do further?can you please guide me regarding this?


Generally speaking, you should not need to change the solrconfig for your purposes. If the OFBiz code is similar to ours, then the url in it simply points to your solr instance (which in that case would be your own server, so localhost would be correct).

Unfortunately, however, I do not know the state of the project in OFBiz. We contributed a base integration to the OFBiz community ~4 years ago, but i have no idea if it was ever adopted. Apache Solr is fully integrated in Scipio ERP. I recommend to migrate to Scipio ERP for your purposes, then I can help you with your inquiry.


i need to get employee details using ofbiz soap service but i don’t know the exact service name for get the employee details.can you pls help me…


Without knowing the specifics of OFBiz and the version you are using, i can only keep it on a superficial level here:

There is no service for employee data in particular, only a few for the Party table, which lacks the employee status. So you would require the partyId of the employee for it to work (and probably also need to change it to a SOAP request), if you were to use a party service for this purpose.

I would recommend to go a different route: write a service yourself and set export=“true” on the service definition to make it available as a SOAP request. You can get started by migrating to Scipio ERP:

We got a tutorial available for service development here:


Perhaps as an addendum: The information you need is stored in a combination of Party, Person and PartyRole (roleTypeId=“EMPLOYEE”) and perhaps a few other tables. If you were to implement this, in scipio erp, you would probably first define a VIEW_ENTITY of the information and then write a simple service to lookup data in there.

Once you migrated to SCIPIO ERP, i will gladly help you work with this further.