Scipio in docker

Hello Everyone,

This is a question that may be asked in the wrong place. I’m sorry if my description doesn’t make sense.

I’m trying to install Scipio with Postgresql and run them within docker containers for easy future redistribution. The OS environment is Fedora 30. The issue, however, is the bellowing:

I can certainly pull the Scipio image off from docker repository, but it is not recommended for production or development. It also doesn’t provide me the bash commands that I need to alter files within the image in order to make the database connection towards Postgresql

Thus, I had to pull the Fedora image, run it with bash, download Scipio and install Scipio within. The process went fine. But I can’t initialize the Postgresql since within the container only bash is provided, but Postgresql needs systemd to start. Without it being started, just linking the files doesn’t give the expected result.

During the installation, I started to think about how it is probably not the correct way to complete the task since there must be a way to alter files within the docker Scipio image, otherwise, how was it created in the first place?

Thank you very much if you know the answer.


the current Scipio image is more suited for demo puposes and not really production ready out of the box. For production, I would propose to mount the directories which are changing during runtime (e.g. /work) from volumes.

Also, the Docker image uses the embedded Derby database to make it very easy to try out Scipio. In production, we strongly recommend using PostgreSQL in a separate container. There is currently no support for switching DB backends in the Docker container.

I would consider using the Docker file as a template and adapt it to your needs, e.g. by adding confd or something like that.