SCIPIO Application Development


Questions regarding the development of additional cato modules or applications


How do I start developing with CATO?


Well, to get started you require the download package. Currently we are in a closed beta, but there will be a public release coming up shortly. Included you will find everything to install the source.


Should we say CATO or Cato? Is it right the name of “ilscipio GmbH” is always in lowercase? Why?


I think Cato is preferable since it’s not an acronym.


I am not too sure, Michael. The Logo itself always states “CATO”


Context matters; in documentation/API “Cato” is undoubtedly preferable.


It could also be considered as a logo. For instance I almost always type OFBiz, which is the right and recommend way to type it.


On the other hand, and that’s why I asked this question Cato was also somebody