Problem creating a Warehouse


When I try to add a new warehouse got this error


Hi jaescazz,

I just tested and it works for me. Can you provide all the steps you’ve done so I can reproduce your issue?


@minifreak I think that Jaecazz may be running on an installation without any demo data, so chances are that he misses some essential seed data, that was hiding itself as demo data…

@jaescazz Perhaps I should mention: the original seed data is sometimes horribly entangled and not always is the seperation between demo and essential data handled well. We will disentangle this eventually, but in the meanwhile it may cause errors like you are seeing, so please provide us with the steps you took to generate the error and keep reporting the errors - it helps us alot.


I could reproduce the issue by loading extseed data only. As Paul pointed out, the original seed data is a mess and should be addressed ASAP. We already made some effort in that regard for some projects based on Scipio ERP but it was very specific so it might require some more work in order to have it in the community project. Anyhow, I will get back to you once we fix it, thanks for reporting it!