Payment Gateways - Which ones actually work?


Can you tell me which of the following (USA compatible) actually work (perfectly) in ofbiz? I have very little confidence because so many have fallen out of maintenance.

Authorize Dot Net Payment Gateway
Clear Commerce Payment Gateway
CyberSource Payment Gateway
eWay Payment Gateway
iDEAL Payment Gateway
Orbital Payment Gateway
Payflow Pro Payment Gateway
PayPal Payment Gateway
RBS WorldPay Payment Gateway
SagePay Payment Gateway
SecurePay Payment Gateway


Hey Mike,

We reimplemented the entire PayPal component recently. It is available for purchase here:

After checkout you will get access to our Extranet, where you can then download the component.

You are in luck, too, as part of a a promotion we are currently offering the component at half the price.


Perhaps I should add - the others should largely work, but haven’t been tested as of late and may require additional work on your end. Though if you choose to go with one of them, there is always the option of hiring us to work on these, or sign up for the professional support.


Your checkout on does not seem to work.



that’s interesting. Do you get an error message or do you have the feeling that it just doesn’t get through?

As a quick idea: At the end of the checkout process you must specify and attach a github key to your checkout. There is a field for it on the very last page. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to create your extranet account. Maybe it is just that you didn’t see that input field? Admittedly, we are currently discussing to optimize the flow.

If there is any other issue, i would be interested to shine a light on it. The process itself has been thoroughly tested on our end, but we did have a recent server migration - so I want to make sure that it isn’t something as silly as network rules causing any harm here…

If you want you can also contact me directly, so that we can work this out quickly.


I just tried it… I see the error. Looks like we got an issue with the redirects now… damn server migration.

Ok, I will ask our tech admins to fix this asap. Do I have your personal email address? if so, I will contact you directly, once we got a fix available…

So sorry for the incovenience. Guess nobody thought of checking the entire flow after the migration :/.


The server has been fixed. I once again want to apologize for the inconvenience. I just sent you a private email containing an additional discount code, which you can use on any purchase as a token of our appreciation for your patience.



It has been a while since we corresponded on this. We updated the addons shop once more and reimplemented the entire checkout flow. So the checkout should work well now.


That’s great news! It would be useful to eliminate payment gateways that don’t actually work.


You are absolutely right. I think for 1.14.5 we should put it on our todo list (we are going to release 1.14.4 shortly, so I think we can begin our work sometime this summer). If you can help us identify outdated components like this, that would be great!

Reminds me: the same is true for some of the other integrations. We were contacted by DHL earlier this year about an outdated API we are using. We tested it then and it still seems to work, but at least for european customers it is possible that the integration isn’t all that great.

Interestingly enough: the API used by OFBiz (which ours is also still based on) is based on a third-party provider operating in the US. The provider has changed names several times since and there are no docs available any longer…


I am extremely interested in seeing the answer to this question as well. I would like to select a credit card processing vendor, and know that Scipio will work with it without any extended effort or programming revisions.


Paypal is fully tested and we got a stripe implementation in the works for enterprise clients. Clients of ours use a large range of payment providers, among them are Heidelpay, Computop and so on.


Excellent. Heidelpay, Computop, etc. all work in the open source version? Will there be a standalone Stripe add-on by any chance, like you are offering for PayPal (rather than just being for enterprise clients)?


No, I fear we only offer those to our enterprise clients. I should mention: a large proportion of our software is open source - so it is a great choice for you no matter what.

Next, there is a range of smaller addons, which we finde vital but not too demanding, on our shop (, and then there is a range of enterprise functionality we offer only to enterprise clients (enterprise clients get access to all our addons you find on the shop and also a larger range of additional features).

Heidelpay and computop were neither, though, those were client implementations we either did directly, or the client did with our help (as enterprise clients we do offer greater support on custom implementations). Those are not official addons at this moment, however.

Like mentioned earlier in this thread, we do have “removing outdated libraries” on our list for 1.14.5, but it isn’t planned to add a larger range of addons like that for the community edition.


Thanks again for the info! I’ll be exploring and getting my exact needs defined, then revisiting this soon. I am inclined to think this erp is a great product for sure!


Thank you for the compliment - and knock yourself out :slight_smile:


FYI: A couple of PayPal related bug reports in the works. :thinking: