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I like what was done to tweak the OFBiz user interface in Scipio ERP. In transitioning from OFBiz however, I am struggling a bit with how to create Party Groups and Facility Groups. It seems the interface was streamlined to created a Party or a Facility, but the create Party Group or Facility Group buttons were removed/hidden. Yet the create Party and Facility screens still have a field to supply a Party Group or Facility Group Id. I don’t see an obvious way to create the Party or Facility Group, without using the Entity tools in Admin.




Hey Tim,

and welcome to the community. You can still create party groups, though we renamed them to “user groups”. The action is hiding behind a combo-button on the “Party” subsesction of the User application.

create party group

As you notice, we are still in the midst of renaming “Party” to “User”, as it is easier to understand for many newcomers. So that’s why there are still some inconsistencies here and there…

If I am not mistaken, then we moved the Facility group button to the Warehouse application. It seemed more fitting there. Though, truth to be told, I would have to look into that again myself. It has been a while since I used those particular screens. I will do so tomorrow morning and report right back to you. If it really is missing, I will check if it is still in the sources, or add it back in for you.

Glad you enjoy the software - if you require any additional support let us know.

Oh and if you find any other parts missing, let us know. Feedback is always welcome around here and if you want to chime in, feel welcome. :slight_smile:



Thanks Paul, I finally figured that one out by clicking around.

For Warehouses, it doesn’t look like in Scipio, that you have to create a Facility Group - you can just create the Warehouse linked to the appropriate Owner - which is the User Group that was created. The UI for Owner is a little funky. It is not obvious that Owner is a Party/User Group, and it’s not obvious that the Edit field is actually linked to a list of data. It should be changed to a drop-down list box.

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Oh, now that you mention it, i remember that we changed that so that it would be easier for users to setup. Sure, if you have previous OFBiz experiences then you may look for this, but if I recall correctly, then the Facility Group was only required if you wanted to setup a warehouse. So we combined screens. (or similar - again, my mind is a bit fuzzy on this particular detail).

Could you post a link to the screen you mentioned? Perhaps we can come up with a better UI for that particular one.

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No problem Paul.Here are a couple of screenshots with annotations.

Scipio New Warehouse screen_Page_1

Scipio New Warehouse screen_Page_2


Ah, yes, well the lookup fields are certainly something to be improved on. Not just here, but on all screens where those lookup-fields are used.

We got an open ticket waiting on this one, that we haven’t gotten around to yet. I agree that it is an issue though and will check with the others that perhaps we can work on that after we are done with the setup component (that’s in our focus at this very moment).

Thanks for bringing it up!


The lookup field macros have been implemented last week and are automatically applies to all lookup fields.