New user/install - Accounting question


First install/user - I just installed the latest version along with java… I cannot seem to get past the initial setup though. In Accounting I selected US-GAAP and filled in the blanks. What am I missing?



Hi Corey and welcome to the ScipioERP community.

You should see more tabs in that screen. Can you tell me which version are you currently using?


Should be version 1.14.4 with java 10.0.2. I used the git instructions today from SCIPIO’s website.


Okay. The latest changes to Setup can be found in master as of now. We’ve scheduled to release 1.14.5 very soon, however I’d recommend to switch to master in order to have that working better. It stills WIP regardless but you’ll be able to get far than that and setup accounting in a more proper way.


Thank you, I will try again tomorrow. I am excited about SCIPIO and am eager to get it up and running.


Pleasure. Do not hesitate to ask any further questions you may have or report any bug you may find. That will definitely help us improving ScipioERP.


I reinstalled using master and it did provide more options within Accounting. Sometimes it would not switch to the different tabs within Accounting. I had to restart SCIPIO multiple times. It still doesn’t reflect it as being completely setup however.

SCIPIO is very exciting for me although I am having difficulty in the overall configuration. Many pieces are dependent on others and I have not found a roadmap/guide for proper setup. Does anything exist? Best practices?


Tabs get enabled once you have an accounting standard loaded. OOTB you got US_GAAP that can be imported even if you didn’t load demo data.

As for documentation, check for further info. If you don’t find what you are looking for, post your question in the forum and we will give you all the input you may require.
As you pointed out, many pieces are connected to each other so it’s quite cumbersome to cluster everything you may need into a single setup screen, that’s why it is currently WIP. That being said, in the current state I am pretty sure you can complete a setup with the basic data needed and we will help you out to add all the possible bits of missing pieces.
On the other hand, if you are just evaluating the software, I’d rather recommend start from scratch and load demo data . In this way you will be able to see how the platform works in its fully extend.