Mysql database connection error


I am now gettin this error.
ERROR rendering error page [/control/error], but here is the error text: org.ofbiz.widget.renderer.ScreenRenderException: Error rendering screen [component://common/widget/CommonScreens.xml#GlobalDecorator]: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Template location is empty (Template location is empty)


Di you run the install script? it looks to me like you are missing seed data


I just managed to tart it so that it created a mysql database… but when i just try to see some tables they do not have some data. Do i need to reintsall? let me try


Yeah, well, you switched database. Starting it will only check for and create tables, but it doesn’t install the seed data (installation data). So your system is not properly setup. You ran the installer on another database and you will have to do it here again.


yes i managed to install seed data, i am now trying to understand where the requests url go, how the logic is processed and how data are modifiedor querried from the database.


As answered in Scipio structure , it is best to dig into the developer docs for getting a good understanding on the concepts. The documentation was written in such a way, that you can start from top article (architecture) and read until you reach “Events and Actions”. You should always read sub-pages too (in this case the detailed info on controller and Screens, decorators etc.).