Master - Unable to view.edit TaxAuthorityRateProduct table


The TaxAuthorityRateProduct table ties a certain tax authority, whether is be a REGION, STATE, or CITY tax rates to a certain store. Even though these are correctly entered, there seems to be no way to view or edit them. I see that the screen exists here:

This needs to be accessible on the main menus.


Completely agree. The TaxAuthority screens in general have not made it to the accounting menu yet (they will be added to settings)… or I should rather say: I am not satisfied with the TaxAuthority Screens in general. I will work on this the coming days…


Reminds me: i think with all the input you are giving us, you would deserve a special rank around here. I should check if we can get this board to handle custom titles like “Chief Investigator”. Either way, you are doing a great job :slight_smile:


Thanks… Just discovering things as I go. I would like your project to succeed.


Hi Mike, in git master branch, we have re-done the screens (a first pass, could be more touchups later). The RateProducts are accessible again, more testing is welcome. Thanks


You first have to find the tax authority, then the “Product Rates” sub-menu shows up. I think this is OK. Like most stuff in ofbiz, you really have to create a flat xml file and import them in all at once.


Good to see you back, Mike :smiley:


Are you sure? [grin]


Absolutely - your feedback was dearly missed around here. Besides, most of the things you mention don’t strike me as big misses (the action navigation for the party editing for instance is probably just a bug on the menu generation - we probably lack the partyId as parameter). So, good to have you back this close to release 1.14.3!