Master - Tax Authoriies do not list and are un-editable


With correctly entered tax authority(s), selecting:

Accounting - > settings -> TaxAuthorities

Brings up a dialog, but clicking “FInd” with defaults brings up nothing. The only way I can get the Tax Authorities to display is if I select “nexus” Y/N, or “Is Exempt” Y/N. All Tax Authorities should display with no defaults. That is ONE issue.

The Second issue is when I manage to display my Tax Authorities, there is no link to either the GeoID or the PartyID(s) of the Tax Authorities. Instead, the page renders a link to “OrganizationPartyId” (I believe), which is just “Company”.

When viewing Tax Authorities, It is great to render “Company”, but I really want to look at the REAL Tax Authority (the party), or the contents of The GeoID. There seems to be no way to view the Tax Authority except via a separate query of “Party”. There is also no way of viewing/editing:

Company WA-3914 WA-3914 4/9/17 N N Edit Delete
Company WA-Thurston WA-Thurston 4/9/17 N N Edit Delete

There are no links to either WA-3319 (TA Party) or WA-Thurston (GEOId)… In this screen, “Company” is not the main item. It should be in the third position. It should at least display the information that standard ofbiz displays, and allow editing updating as well.



Hi Mike, I’ve looked into this and I confirm the issues you mentioned. We will push a fix to master ASAP. Thanks for reporting them!


Clicking the GEO-ID does not work. Also, both of these fields seem to be chopped to 8 characters.


I just checked and it seems to me that it works as expected. However I think it might confuse you that following the geo link forwards you to an empty screen of the party manager. This is because the party does not have a geo location bound for it. If you add one then it will be displayed properly.
As for the fields being chopped it’s really due lack of proper geo (seed) data. All those geo entries don’t have a name so only the ID gets displayed. We should add proper names at some point I guess.


The Geo link should go to the Geo table, not the party table. In reality, the tax authorities have nothing to do with the party (company). There should be a way to manipulate the tax authority table and​ Geo table.


I understand what you mean but I think in this case makes more sense to show the Tax Authority geo location (lat & lon stored in the PartyGeoPoint) rendered into a map rather than the “raw” Geo data. In my opinion, that’s the way it should be though I might be mistaken, of course. Let’s see what others think about this.


None of my tax authorities have entries in PartyGeoPoint, they are not necessary for functionality. To create a fully functioning tax authority with REGIONS, COUNTY, CITY, tied to GEO(s) and the COA, you need entries in the following tables. It’s pretty complex. I import via xml(s), but it should be possible to create one from scratch.



@mz4wheeler: you are absolutely right. Like mentioned on the other message, the taxauthorities need an overhaul in their entirety. I got some time reserved for it later this week.

You can add TaxAuthorityRateProducts to that list, as well. Only problem with TaxAuthorityRateProducts is that it is so intertwined with the ProductCategory system, i still have to figure out a way to visualize it properly. Ideally a user would not only add TaxAuthorityRateProducts, but new categories for them also, and then assign products to them.

Anyway, I will let you know once I made some progress. Perhaps you can then test it and give us some feedback? :slight_smile:


Hi Mike, in git master branch, we have re-done the screens (a first pass, could be more touchups later). The issues you mentioned in find form shouldn’t apply anymore, but if you notice them again, always welcome.


Yes, it is much improved now. There is one issue though. In the GEO lookup, it appears that the GUI attempts to suck in all the GEOs to create a drop down. This is fine if you only have a few GEOs entered, but it seems to include the zip codes, and in my case I have over 2 million. It would be preferable to omit certain GEOs that have nothing to do with a tax authority. In the attached screen shot, the “WA-XXXX” entries are true tax authorities. The “USA-XXXXX” are just zip codes (millions). Maybe just do a text box and do a non-case sequential search?


Thanks Mike I think you’re right, I’ll look into it


The change has been made in response to Master - Tax Authoriies do not list and are un-editable above.

The master branch has been updated, it might contain some bits of changes from other threads where noted. Note the master branch contains a large number of other changes including libraries. Just in the case you have any problems with ivy try running “./ant clean init-lib-clean build”. Note that it is formally still 1.14.2 until the next release which is near.