Making Scipio run on port 8080


Hi, I’m trying to make Scipio run of port 8080, however it runs on port 8443. Please let me know the config change to be done.



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It depends on what you want to accomplish. Generally speaking you should not switch from https to http, as it is insecure and you will be penalized even by search engines.

If your goal is to terminate the ssl connection at a webserver and then use a reverse proxy, you may need to go through a few tunings.

The following thread may be of help: Apache Proxy Pass / Setting the Context Path

and also this documentation:


There may be other reasons to change the connector-ports from the built-in tomcat server, but i am assuming that that isn’t your goal here…


thanks, I was trying to enable reverse proxy using Apache2 and was facing some issue. It is resolved.