Looking to load csv data into database on startup and while server is running


I am completely new to both Scipio and Ofbiz. I am looking to be able to take a csv file and load the data into my derby or mysql database both on startup and while the server is running. I looked at the docs, but I couldn’t seem to find anything.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Hello scrub and welcome to the community!

The way data is handled in Scipio ERP is via XML, which is called seed data, then you can import your data any time using ant load-* tasks or directly with the Admin component import feature. You could even use FTL to output to the expected XML format which is recommended for complex structures like Catalog, Categories, Products, etc. These seed data can also be defined in multiple ways, in order to ensure when it must be loaded (ie: on system setup only, every time the system starts up, etc.)
Alternatively, you could build your own CSV importer to cover your needs, a simple screen with an upload control would do the trick but you’ll need to implement all the parsing and data load logic. Worth to mention that we include a CSV catalog importer in our Enterpise solution https://www.scipioerp.com/services-solutions/ in case you are interested in something ready to go.

That being said, it would be great if you can provide more details about what you are trying to achieve in the sense what type of data you want to load and how it is structured so we can give you better input.


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Thank you for responding!. I’m essentially just trying to upload inventory data such as price, product id, brand id, name, etc. I am hoping to be able to add new entries and update data that is already present int he database (ex: an item has been restocked).

I have setup my database where a multitude of tables have relations to other tables. I am to be provided the necessary information in a CSV.

I understand that updates are able to be submitted via the admin dashboard. However, I am looking to automate the the task entirely with the execution of a single script.

I have the impression that you are trying to connect two different systems; an existing one and SCIPIO ERP. If that is the case, you may even consider using a different strategy for this, like implementing Web Services (SOAP, RESTful) in order to connect both systems. Bare in mind that inventory is properly handled within our system so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. Additionally, CSV uploading seems to me like a very manual process, although it could be automated as well it’s probably not best suited for that.
However, if what you are trying to achieve is just a data migration, meaning, this will happen once, then yes, CSV upload may be a good solution.

As I mentioned before, we got a plugin that may come very handy, specially for the latter case I pointed out above. Check it out and if you are interested we’d be willing to offer that as a single license (without a full SCIPIO ERP subscription).