Load Production Multi-tenant data


How do I load a multi-tenant database without the demo data?


Hi Brett,

glad you are getting in touch. Can you give us some more info about the steps you have already taken thus far? Did you use our installer, or did you manually checkout and compile the system?

Besides the information, here’s perhaps a few more info that could be helpful to you:

  1. In general there is a distinction between seed data (absolutely required entries for the system to run), demo data and ext-data (your own data).

  2. You must enable multitenancy support by either selecting the multi-tenant checkbox during install with our installer or by updating the configuration manually (http://www.scipioerp.com/community/developer/installation-configuration/configuration/ --> Default Settings)

  3. Install the seed data with

    ant load-seed

or if oyu have already added your own data

ant load-extseed
  1. Add your own tenant with

    ant create-tenant



Can you explain where ext abbreviation is found in docs. I only found it to mean “External General Data (custom)” by searching the source.

Also, and more importantly, where (as in which exact folder) should this data be put so ‘ant load-extseed’ can find it? Is the file name significant? Do any settings need to be set so and can find the file(s)? Is there a guide doc to this?


Hi Dave,

the seed-files are defined on a component basis (http://www.scipioerp.com/community/developer/architecture/components/), inside of the ofbiz-component.xml file.

  <entity-resource type="data" reader-name="seed" loader="main" location="data/MarketingTypeData.xml"/>
    <entity-resource type="data" reader-name="seed" loader="main" location="data/MarketingSecurityPermissionSeedData.xml"/>
    <entity-resource type="data" reader-name="demo" loader="main" location="data/MarketingSecurityGroupDemoData.xml"/>
    <entity-resource type="data" reader-name="seed" loader="main" location="data/MarketingHelpData.xml"/>
    <entity-resource type="data" reader-name="seed" loader="main" location="data/SfaPortletData.xml"/>
    <entity-resource type="data" reader-name="demo" loader="main" location="data/sfaDemoData.xml"/>

So you can specifiy your own file and location, though i would recommend the data folder - just to stick with conventions. You are right, how to use the seed-data correctly, isn’t fully covered by our docs yet - i guess we should improve on that (thanks for the heads up).

By default the following readers are available:

  1. seed (required on installation)
  2. demo (demo data)
  3. ext (external data - your own)

So if you want to have a blank installation with only your own data, you should run the “ant load-extseed” task, which loads seed and ext data only. A cautious advice, however, the components often define security (login and permission) data as ‘demo’ data, which in a way is troublesome, if you want to use the component or logins, but not load actual demo data. In those cases, you will have to copy the data over to your own ext- files.


Hi Dave,

You can regard the ‘-ext’ addition to stand for extension. Something that you can use in your own implementation to keep your setup data separate from what comes with the source.

Best regards,