Load-demo: [java] Error occurred during initialization of VM

This is my first time to install scipio.
The OS is Windows 10, I follow all installation instructions. the installation are all ok except one error message below near the end of installation.
Here is the info:

[java] Error occurred during initialization of VM
[java] Could not reserve enough space for 3596288KB object heap
[java] Java Result: 1

what should I do next?

and welcome to the community. I fear that you lack the required memory for the software to run. You can try decreasing the available for scipio as is described here:

https://www.scipioerp.com/community/developer/installation-configuration/configuration/#system-memory (it is not recommend for production systems but on a developer station you can potentially go as low as 1.5GB of memory)

Thanks. 1.5GB is ok to go.

Another Problem happened when I try to visit the SCIPIO ERP Dashboard: https://localhost:8443/admin.

Here is the error page picture:


This happens when you did not follow the install procedure and missed setting up the data base (there is data required that is added to the database).

Please rerun the install script and install with either demo data (recommended) or without.