Install doesn't work on LinuxMint


Hi all,

I want to install Scipio on my PC running LinuxMint 18. I’m in France so I choose fr, EUR, EUR.

The installation seems to be ok, but when I try to connect with admin / scipio, it tells me “unknown user”.

I tried to install it on on virtual machine, with the same parameters, and there, it works fine…

Does anyone have an idea ?


Hi Alain,

and welcome to the community. Generally speaking the user is not known if you didn’t install the correct seed data (seed data is the data you write to the database during install; there are different readers for different types of installations). So chances are that you selected a different type of installation during install between both systems (there is an option to install including demo data - which includes the admin user - or without).

I am suspecting that that is what is causing the difference in your case. So a re-installation may be the easiest solution. It may also be that locally you weren’t able to write to the database during install (the logs should have shown alot of errors then - you can check {scipio-folder}/runtime/logs/error.og for those). If that is the case, then it would be good if you checked your configuration or told us which options you have chosen during install.

If you wanted to install without seed data, then here’s a few thoughts: We generally recommend to use our demo data for your first installation and use it as a template to create your own “seed” data . But if you are sure that you want to run on a blank installation without having setup anything, then you can create an admin by running the following command from command line:

./ant load-admin-user-login

This will create a user login with admin privileges. After the initial login you will be asked for a new password. Please be aware, however, that in this case you will still need to manually setup your applications, add all permissions, setup your store & company info and such. So I really wouldn’t recommend it, unless you are sure that this is what you wanted to do :wink:


To summarize:

  1. I think it may just be “how” you installed, or be an error in which the system could not setup the database properly during installation. In both cases a reinstallation sounds like the easiest option.

  2. If you want to use a blank installation of Scipio ERP, you should setup your own seed data first (after checking our templates - or modifying ours). That really simplifies the process. There are other options, but those are not recommended… unless you know for sure that only the admin user is missing… Perhaps you can check if /shop/ shows you anything?

Let me know if this helps…