India Setup for accounting standards and States

  1. The number of States in India has increased to 36. New State is TELANGANA
  2. The accounting Standards on offer are Euro centric. With the world moving towards IFRS, and India having implemented GST, the two standards are required in the accounting standards option. UAE too has modelled their new taxation systems modelled on the Indian GST structure.

Please advice or guide me in these regards


Hi Mukul and welcome to the community.

  1. According to
    there are 29 states, not 36 unless you add up the territories, then you got 36. I guess that’s what you are referring to. In any case, that’s correct on our end, we got 29 States + 7 Territories so 36 in total and the one he is mentioning is present already. Check out and filter geoId by IN-%
  2. Currently we are not considering to add these accounting standards. Maybe in the future we may consider adding them but not in short/mid term. However, If you are interested in adopting ScipioERP and these requirements are a must, you can always hire us, then we will provide a quote in the shortest time possible.

Best regards


Thank you for pointing out my slip of factual precision - States as against Sates and Union Territories. However I am unable to see Telangana (IN-TG) in the drop down list of States, when setting up a new organisation.


You’re right, it’s missing there which I find odd anyway. I’m looking into it, will get back to you as soon as I fix it or find the reason why this is happening.


Thank you, I await your response/ reply/ solution/ patch.


There was a missing GeoAssoc entry needed to associate that state with the country. It’s fixed and committed into our internal repo. It will be available in our public repo either later today or Monday.

Thanks for reporting it!


Thank you!
This encourages me to report any other difficulties that I may encounter.
On the other hand I’d like to know the costs for including IFRS and IND AS as the alternate accounting systems to those available now.


Hey and welcome to the community. For a quote on custom implementations, please reach out to us on either:



Request for quote sent.
Please let me know when the public repo is updated and how I may include it in my downloaded version.


Can you please let me know how do I update the GeoAssoc for Telangana?


The change has been pushed to github.

Please merge your copy with the recent changes and it should be fixed.


After updating from git (git pull), reload the file from command line (while server is stopped) using:

./ant load-file -Ddata-file=framework/common/data/GeoData_IN.xml (omit ./ for Windows)

You can also import the file using the admin interface entity import while server is on.


Thank you. Its done.