Images not being populated in shop when Scipio setup on a AWS ECS setup

Hi - I’ve setup Scipio in a ECS cluster mode on AWS pointing to a RDS. The demo data has been loaded. While accessing the shop module, none of the products in Demo catalog are loaded, message displayed is “There are no products in this category”. The same works on a stand alone instance hitting the same RDS instance. Any guidance on this is appreciated.


Typically this could happen if Solr has not been reindexed correctly.

You can do it by running the service on https://localhost:8443/admin/control/SolrStatus or on command line using ./ant start -Dscipio.solr.reindex.startup.force=Y.

Otherwise would need more details on this setup. In a cluster it is possible this will not work properly unless you dedicate one instance to running Solr and point others to it (using config in applications/solr/, depending on whether you shared the database or not (if the database is shared, then Solr might only reindex properly on one instance, so it may need share too).

Good weekend (if I miss your reply)

thank you, that helped!!

You’re welcome. I did forget to mention: if you use those commands without having a central/dedicated solr instance, you have to rerun the solr re-indexing periodically on the scipio instances if you make product changes to the database. This is fine for demo purposes or the catalog doesn’t change that often. Will depend on needs.