I'm looking for a ERP software, is anyone out there so kind to help me?


Hi everyone!
How are you guys going?

I have a question: the company I work for asked me to take back some comparison of price of different ERP software.

We work in textile industry, could this ERP software Si5 be a good solution for us?

Do you guys have any other software to suggest? Obviosly they’d like save money, but i think saving money is not the only important thing, isn’t it?


Hey Marco,

and welcome to the community. It just so happens that we used Scipio ERP in precisely this manner before. We built an “online factory outlet” for a client, handling ~30 suppliers, 2 warehouses and plenty of products. All merchandise was sold in germany/austria/switzerland. So it’s a good choice. Since Scipio ERP is open-source, you cannot get lower than that in terms of pricing either.

Not so sure what the other software does that you mentioned, but I will just take it that you were looking for alternatives to it.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think.