How to read and understandUrl mapping


Simply put: ignore those written in minilang (xml). We don’t like them either…


so where the real update snipets?


What do you mean? Those are interpreted by java code. There is no “real update snipet” they are the snipets and behave like real scripts.


Hi madppiper, look here. ${uiLabelMap.CommonOrganisation} is uiLabelMap global? If so where does it get assigned values?


Yes, uiLabelMap is global and set by the component. Check the *component,xml to see what Label files it has loaded.


Thank you very much madppiper


I think i have mastered a lot of things so far in scipio, but don’t get bored i am a newbie on scipio. For example i click a link which displays list of accounts. Upon following up the controller it finally leads me to a widget xml file with a form. From the form i have to understand where the data are coming from. I only see the lists of fields. For example take a look at this form

WHERE do data displayed in this form come from


hey madppiper and everyone out there please be informed that i was able to figure out the above query. Thank you.


which component file? there are many component in the system


Whatever component you are working on. So if you are in accounting and want to know what’s accesible in uiLabelmap check the accounting’s component file.


Are the components you are referring to these which are named ofbiz-component? if so why can’t i see anything describing or inferring to uiLabelMap


Ah sorry, my mistake. They are loaded via the components decorator and screens.

Look for entries like these:

            <property-map resource="AccountingUiLabels" map-name="uiLabelMap" global="true"/>
            <property-map resource="PartyUiLabels" map-name="uiLabelMap" global="true"/>
            <property-map resource="ProductUiLabels" map-name="uiLabelMap" global="true"/>
            <property-map resource="OrderUiLabels" map-name="uiLabelMap" global="true"/>
            <property-map resource="WorkEffortUiLabels" map-name="uiLabelMap" global="true"/>
            <property-map resource="ManufacturingUiLabels" map-name="uiLabelMap" global="true"/>
            <property-map resource="CommonUiLabels" map-name="uiLabelMap" global="true"/>

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