How to delete employment profile?

Hello all,

I’m new to Scipio and I’ve set up the software with an empty database. I tried to create a company profile, an employee profile, and a user profile. However, it seems like I’m having a hard time linking them properly.

I’m also having difficulties deleting the profiles although I’ve deleted every content within. Please help.

John Jin

Hi John Jin and welcome to the community,

You can easily link the users you have created through Party Mgr - Relationship screen (


As for deleting users, this is a bit more complicated. We don’t expose the option to do so because it can be really problematic in normal situations. However, if you really need to do it, you can go to the Admin manager - Entity engine ( and look for these entities:

  • PartyRole
  • Person or PartyGroup (depending of the party type)
  • Party
    Normally deleting the records for in those tables is enough for the cases where users have no data. If the user has more data related, then there might be dozens of tables affected so I’d avoid doing that, it may cause severe DB inconsistencies. Instead you can always disable a party:

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply!
This works really well.