How to approve employment?

Hi all,

I’m new to Scipio and currently trying to set up the HR department.

I’ve created an Employee/Applicants (I don’t know why they’re put together) and created a profile. I’ve as well created a position type as IT Specialist (1002). A position with the same name, Id (1002-1). I’ve created an application basically showing I’ve applied for my own position.

But I still find something missing under my profile as shown below.
As you can see, under the Current Employment information section all fields are empty.
If I click the square bracket under Position, I’ll jump to /humanres/control/emplPositionView? page and it is blank.
If I click the square bracket under Company, I will jump to my own user profile (which treated me as a customer).

So, the question is, if I’m completely new to Scipio as an HR, how can I start to use this application properly? And where do I type user’s profile information so that these 2 fields won’t be blank square brackets?

Hi John,

sorry, I guess your message must have been overlooked. Are you still struggling with this?

It is possible that there is a step missing in the screens, so it would be great if you could let us know if you found a workaround in the meanwhile.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Madppiper,

Yes I’ve found from the source code that ‘employment’ function was commented out and disabled I’m guessing it’s for simplicity sake. After I delete the comment symbol, the employment function comes back to me and everything connects and works fine.





Effects on the front-end.

I do suggest in future release we probably should open ‘employment’ screen and function to make the HR’s function complete, but that’s not my call to make.

I’ve also seen other functions that are commented out, May I ask how many ‘complete’ functions are commented, how to unlock them and how many others are still currently ‘in development’ ?



glad that you asked. There should not be “too many” functions commented out, but there are some. Basically as part of a general overhaul of all applications we went through all applications, commented out the functionality, then readded them one by one as we worked through the screens. That helped us keep a clear vision for all the screens and resulted in the now more useful, cleaned up ones you are seeing. But the downside is that there is a chance that we left out some functionality.

So if you could point me to the files you edited, that would be great. Perhaps you could also contribute to the project by commenting them back in, testing the functionality and then submitting it as a Pull Request on Github?


/scipio/applications/humanres/widget/HumanresMenus.xml is the file
The exact uncommented portion of the code is posted as an image in early posts.

I’m glad if I can help.

Thanks! If you want - you can open up a pull request on github - that way you are getting credit for your contribution :slight_smile:

Otherwise I will do the change, but I guess getting some praise is usually better?