HELP! - Create Invoice Items


I’m new with Scipio.
I’m trying to create an invoice item but I can’t.
I create the invoice header but NO invoice item BUTTON appears.
How can I accomplish this task?
Thank you!
Kind regards


Hi jhlab and welcome to this community.

You are right, the sub-menu entries needed to create invoice items and other invoice related stuff are missing due to recent (wrong) menu refactoring. We will fix that ASAP and push it to our public repo. I will keep you posted.

Alternatively, you can test invoices by creating them from orders and/or quotes. They got automatically created once you process an order, for instance. Afterwards, you can access them directly from https://localhost:8443/accounting/control/listInvoiceItems

Anyhow, we appreciate a lot that you reported the issue, thanks!


Thank you for your prompt reply!
Please keep me informed.


Changes that fix the menu along other things should be available now in our public repos. Please, if you can, update your working copy and let us know if you find anything else. Thanks!


Hi minfreak,
Thank you for your answer.
I’ve just updated my working copy with the master branch form GitHub, but I still can’t see the add item button within the invoice screen.
Please I would like to confirm it this is the correct branch regarding this issue.


Hi jhlab,

Just make sure that the invoice status you are about to add items, term or adjustments is in In-process status. That’s that only invoice status that you are allowed to do such things, if my memory serves me right. You can try that out by creating a new invoice and add items to it. Just tested in both, local and public demo and it works as expected. Let me know if you have any further question/doubt.