Error messge and empty pull down window


As I am testing, I found two things I suspect they are a bug?

  1. Assign GL account (pics AC01 and AC02
    AC01 AC02

  2. Edit Tax Authority Product Rates (pic TA01)
    Drop down window “Category *” is empty (I assume this is a product category and they are defined in scipio.
    As this is a mandatory field, tax percentage cannot be established.





I’m trying to reproduce it locally. I’ll get back to you in a moment.
Meantime, can you post the error stacktrace?


btw, I am assuming you’ve loaded demo data, is that correct?


I did not load demo data. I started with an empty database and ran ofbizsetup and loaded US GAPP.

But I see the same error message on the demos instance


The Following Errors Occurred

  1. org.ofbiz.webapp.control.RequestHandlerException: Unknown request [null]; this request does not exist or cannot be called directly.

Accounting > Chart of Accounts > Navigate Account
There I pick an account and I hit “Assign GL account”

Where can I find error stacktrace?


Nevermind, I found the error and fixed it. It will be available soon in our Github so you’ll only have to pull when we publish it.


Ok, what is the correct command to pull?
By when do you expect it to be on Github?

Thanks, Wolfgang


It’s there already. Just issue git pull in the command line and you’ll the latest changes. Make sure you cd to scipio working directory.