Error adding a Tax Authority Info


When I try to add information about a new Tax Authority in the Tax infos section in Parties, I got the next message.


I am not certain if that qualifies as a bug (or an interface clarification needed), we will have to check…


This message is popping up when you’re trying to select a party to a tax authority-tax geo combination that isn’t valid. Please check the country setting of the party and possibly set the relationship through the functionality in the accounting component.

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Piere Smits


how do I make it work?


By the looks of your data, you probably setup your company, but did not create and assign a tax-authority for the company in the region you are checking out from.

It works like this:

Each company can be assigned to multiple Tax-Authorities (like the IRS in the US). This info is required during checkout, as the tax-authority has all the taxation rules. When you checkout the user location will lookup whether your shop has a tax-authority for his region and then applies the tax-rules accordingly. So this part is missing.

I just checked and it seems as if the “EditTaxAuthorityPartyInfo” Screen is missing the vital taxAuthority and taxAuthorityGeo" fields. So this is a bug, that stopped you from proceeding. I will try to fix this and notify you about a proper solution

Problem finalizing an order

I created a bugfix, which will be pushed to master by @pplx later today.

Once the fix has been pushed to github, and you have updated your sources, you should be able to add a taxauthority to your own company via the following screen:

https://localhost:8443/accounting/control/ListTaxAuthorityParties (edit by pplx: please note this link no longer works without parameters)

Thanks for notifying us on this behalf. It helps that you are going through the screens and find issues like this (most of the other developers just rely on seed data for the complexe setup like this). Your help in finding these issues is therefore really appreciated.


The fix has been pushed to github - master branch


Hi jaescazz, in git master branch, we have re-done the Tax Authority screens (a first pass, could be more touchups later). So the dialogs for this have changed, and may be simpler.

Please note the link Paul posted above no longer works without parameters.

Thank you


Note, thank you to PierreSmits for commenting about the geoId-partyId combination issues.

On at least one of the screens we’ve combined them into a single select so it’s no longer an issue.

If you see any more screens where the geoId-partyId is confusing like that please let us know.

Thank you