Downloading library jar sources with Eclipse Oxygen+


If you use/pull the latest Git master branch, you can get ant/ivy to download the external library source jars by using the build command:

  • ./ant build-withlibsrc

instead of the regular “./ant build”.

Our supplied Eclipse .classpath file already knows the locations to the framework source JARs - you only have to run that command to download/update them once in a while.

This provides the familiar maven-like ability to view the sources of third-party JARs in Eclipse, for the large majority of the core Scipio JARs - for example the Servlet API classes.

You can also configure your own hot-deploy modules ivy.xml/build.xml file to pull the sources when build-withlibsrc is run (I can give you on example if you need, just ask), but you’ll have to update the .classpath file.



note: as of latest commits on git master, instead of invoking these tasks manually, you can simply create a file :

in project root and set:


then every ./ant build call will always include the lib sources (much more convenient).

(you could already do this before, there was just an issue that lib.update.sources was too broad, so there is now a more specific property build.lib.update.sources=true)