Customise production run report


Hello, Am new to scipio, Can someone tell me how to locate and customize the production run print pdf. Thanks in advance for your support


Hi nges and welcome to the community!

You can customize the format of the generated pdf to suit your needs by editing applications/manufacturing/webapp/manufacturing/jobshopmgt/ Be advised though that you must be familiar with freemarker and formatting objects in order to do that.
On the other hand, you have the ability to change several aspects of the basic data like company name, company address, etc. by following our setup wizard or via the adequate application, like the user management.

In case you haven’t, it is also recommendable to take a look at our user documentation

Note that I assumed that you got the system running locally, if you aren’t, you’ll have to replace https://locahost:8443 portion with the FQDN you may be using or our demo server ( )


Thank you for the response. I will check it and revert. thanks


Hello Minifreak, Can I contact you through PM, If yes please kindly provide your email thanks.


Hi nges,

I’d prefer to post in here if any of your doubts/questions are of public interest. Otherwise, if you have a specific request/question that cannot be public then contact me at


Hello, I sent you email, and after a day received notification that there is issue receiving mail (Seems there is issue with your mail). Is there any other way to contact you? Maybe skype ?
Its pertinent.


Hi, double check if you’ve typed my email address properly, it works for sure. I just received a notification for your latest post :wink:


ok I did, thanks.