Connection with Jenkins

Hello people,

I’ve put the scipio-erp folder as one of my git repositories and plan to start development from there. I’d like also to link the repository with Jenkins to automatically apply the code to production if the code is reviewed and tested.

The question is how? I’ve installed Jenkins onto the server and all I know is for some changes I may have to run the ./ and ./ if I make changes to the codes. But none of these steps are shown in Jenkins configurations, not even the destination path.

Thank you for any information or help.

As long as you installed the system once on a server with a proper SQL database, there should not be a need to run again. Instead, you would want to run ./ant build from within a deployment script to compile the sources again.

With our clients we nowadays opt for gitlab-ci instead of jenkins (though some are still using jenkins as well). Generally speaking, you’d want to have a script that:

  1. stops the current system
  2. checks out the most recent version from a specific branch
  3. runs ./ant build to recompile
  4. restart the system

For starting/stopping I’d recommend to use the files found under /tools/scripts.

Though we are using jenkins less and less, I know that you can create a git hook that will run a script automatically based on a git push event. Perhaps the following will help you: