Chart of Accounts - Navigate does not seem to work


On standard ofbiz, once you load the demo Chart Of Accounts, you are able to “navigate” the chart by a series of drop-down menus. I.e. Click multiple “+” and sub-accounts are displayed. With SCIPIO, this does not seem to work.


All still there…

screenshot attached:

Please let me know if this is not working for you.


Perhaps I should add: welcome to the community :slight_smile:


I see that your posted link works. Is that the master branch? Mine (1.14) does not look the same.


Oh that must be it. There have been massive changes to the accounting application in master, since that’s the branch we work on for 1.14.3. I will ask @pplx to answer here, as he knows best what’s been merged into which branch.


Yup… Switched to “master” and now it works. Awesome. Thanks.