CATO Commerce is now SCIPIO ERP

Hey everyone,

so we are switching names. We are now called SCIPIO ERP and to kick it off, we are releasing a huge update today! So update your urls and bookmarks. We are all very excited about this.


Thanks very much for the heads up about your new release. I’m very keen to put it through its paces, because, er, another package is driving me nuts! I’ve downloaded the 170Mbyte zip and I’ll have a go at installing it as soon as I can get a free couple of hours - which might not be for a few days, unfortunately.

My first impression of your forum layout is that it’s very clean-looking, but somewhat lacking in time and date stamping. I had to look very hard to see a little grey “2d” at top right in your post at

I don’t know if I like the idea of pulling in a URL verbatim in the way that the forum does. I just wanted to point to it, so I obfuscated the scheme.

Here’s hoping it goes well for you!

Hey Ged,

and thanks for the update. Yeah, the current forum layout may be a bit too clean. To be honest we are kicking off this community, so feedback is more than welcome.

Let me know if you have any trouble with our installation script or need some additional help getting everything setup. Running the installers should be fairly straight-forward, however, so I am sure you won’t run into any issues.