Catalog browsing inconsistent, even on your demo


I was seeing this same behavior on my test setup, over and over again. I clear the cache, it works again, then again, it shows up. In a desperation moment, I check:

Same behavior. When entering your shop, it shows the catalogs on the left. I click the “Demo Catalog” link:

It works. After a while, adding to cart, clicking the breadcrumbs, if I go back to the above link, it redirects to:

I get: “Category not found for Category ID !”

If I retry, it STILL redirects to, with the above error.

If I clear my cache, normal operation. I’m at a loss at why this happens. Using firefox.


It’s most likely a session issue. I suspect the “save-current-view”/“view-last” entries in the controller cause this. I didn’t replicate it in the last 5 minutes. We’d just need an exact order of actions that reproduce reliably. If it’s session it’ll be affected by clearing browser cookies.


Seems to happen randomly. I’ll try to reproduce it and get back.


This seems to be related to the redirect issue:


Thanks for looking into it yourself. There’s WIP going on related to both the thread, but it’s not pushed to master yet (sometime soon).

The product link is 2 separate issues combined: first the session-opening link redirect is quite poor (as you’ve seen), but there’s also a more generic controller redirect url (non-)rewriting problem, which is a generic issue in ofbiz request handler. Though relatively rare In some cases the ofbiz request handler is simply incapable of creating the desirable link format, so it requires completely novel code.


I know this is an old topic, but I figured an update would be appreciated: This has been adressed for 1.14.4. Would be great if you could report again if this issue continues (in that case we may want to check the webserver configs)