Bug in OfbizSetup Create Customer Step


Please refer to the above link. Seems like your version has the same issue. And you have added another new screen after that first step of creating new organisation, and that step has an exception thrown.

Hey dereklew, thanks for reporting the bug to us. I will try to reproduce the error and get back at you asap. I’m assuming here that you firstly loaded the instance with extseed data, is that correct?

Yes. Loaded with extseed, creating new organisation.

Here’s a patch for the errors you reported and some others I found and fixed. You should be able to setup the basics now. Let me know If you find any other error, I’ll be glad to help you.
ofbizsetup_changes.diff (9.0 KB)
Be aware that this webapp is going to be replaced by a proper setup wizard soon.

Thanks again for reporting this.

Thanks. How do I load this patch in?

Hi Derek,

there is a git command you should be able to run (from your root directory type):

git apply ofbizsetup_changes.diff

It is possible that you will have to merge the changes, in which case you must add “-3” as a parameter. The entire process is fairly well document in the reply here:

Hope that helps,

I just noticed that the diff file may not be of use for you, as it was created with our local branch. So if you have any problems applying the changes, let us know, so that we can guide you through.

Yup, the apply does not work for me.

We feared as much, we have an update of the git repository scheduled for today, so I guess it is easier to update right there-after.

We will let you know, once we updated :slight_smile:

Hello Derek.
We have updated the git repo, including the fix. I suggest to ‘git pull’ on the branch and try again.
Thank you

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Good evening Derek,
We’ve pushed several more fixes (a few stock bugs and more) to git just now, notably issues with the state drop-downs.
Thank you

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Thanks, it is working now.

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