Beta-Testers wanted: new Excel Add-In


Hey everyone,

we are looking for 2-3 beta testers, who are willing to test and give feedback on a new unreleased component: Scipio ERP - Data Connect.


The new component comes with an Excel-AddIn that can be added to any of your local Excel files. Once attached, you can connect to and retrieve Product, Order and Catalog data. A feature to import data back into the system (for a simplified workflow) is currently being discussed as well.

All beta testers will be given full access to the component at our Scipio Extranet and will be able to keep access to the component after release. This will allow you to open bug reports like other enterprise users and receive enterprise support on future releases of the component.

If you are interested, then leave us a line.



This is something I’d be interest in potentially.

Two questions:

What versions of Office are you supporting?

What kind of qa process / commitment would you be looking for in order for me to fulfill my end of the bargain?

BTW, I’ve written exactly this sort of the thing on more than one occasion, using web plugins and/or VB scripting COM objects. I may have some additional insight or suggestions.


We are using the Javascript API that has been introduced with Excel 2013. So any version up then should work well. Excel Online is also supported.

There is not a huge commitment - more a “check it out as much as you can and let us know your thoughts” kinda deal. We want to get an idea of the usefulness and perhaps a second opinion on missing features.

Sidenote: Awesome that you had some experience with this - the component uses the Microsoft Fabric-UI (which is based on React.JS) and then custom services, which we may backport to the core at a later stage.


Thank you for your help, @BuvinJ. As discussed, i just added your account to the data-connect component, should you should have access to it the next time you access our Extranet.