Admin at localhost and shop at hosting, is this possible?


Hi all
I have that doubt. Can you have the admin in localhost and the shop in hosting online ?
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You can. Depends on what you mean by localhost, so lemme answer in two ways:

  1. "I want to be able to run admin locally on my developer machine and shop only on server": Run Scipio ERP in a cluster, setup your webserver (nginx, apache etc.) on your host to only reverse-proxy to your online host shop instance. Setup the correct database configuration for both machines. You can even disable some of the backend interfaces on your shop instance, if you so desire.

  2. "I just want to protect my admin interfaces from external logins": Setup your webserver to only proxy-forward the shop instance. Setup the shop Website to reflect that domain. Use a VPN to connect to your server by IP for accessing the admin interfaces, otherwise they will not be available to outside servers

We got various tutorials to this regard, including these: